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In 26 Oct, Rust.tokyo 2019 was held

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·Oct 27, 2019·

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In 26 Oct, Rust.tokyo 2019 was held in Japan. It's a conference for Rustaceans.

Unfortunately, I couldn't go there. But I found many URLs to nice slide talked in this conference. This post is a list of these URLs (some of these are Japanese). I hope it would be an opportunity for foreign Rustacean to access them.

1. From sessions

1.1. エッジMLシステムを C/C++からRustへ移行した事例 | Google Slides

1.2. Rustによる数値計算の現状と課題 | Google Slides

1.3. Web-based Data Visualization with Rust and WebAssembly | Speaker Deck

1.4. Secure Coding Practice in Rust | Speaker Deck

1.5. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Servo Contributor | Speaker Deck

1.6. Porting Rust libstd to NuttX/Cortex-M4F and prototyping a simple web server | Speaker Deck

1.7. Making an opinionated Web framework | Speaker Deck

2. From LTs

2.1. Rust 製テキストエディタで Fuzzing する話 | Speaker Deck

2.2. Lifetime tricks for streaming & zero-allocation parsing! | Speaker Deck

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